#3 Enemies Within: India’s Challenge
by Vinit Goenka

Enemies Within explores Vinit Goenka’s first-hand experiences and observations from television debates and public interactions, which he uses to discuss the internal challenges India faces today. The interaction is based on his latest book with the same title – Enemies Within.

#2 India, Not South Asia: How to Reclaim Our Narrative
by Sankrant Sanu

Is India an ancient nation or is it a British-made entity? Should we willingly be turned into ‘South Asians’? Sankrant Sanu, Founder of Garuda Prakashan, takes us into a fascinating journey into the history of India and its contemporary challenges.

#1 Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: Ancient Migrations and Modern Genetics
by Sridhar Vajapey

On the launch occasion of Voice Global (voiceglobal.org), Mr. Sridhar Vajapey (Genetic Archaeologist), will present his fascinating research on Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – Ancient migrations and modern genetics, for which he is well known.